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You heard right, Mustafa Ali is back and coming in hot as ever with 6 events lined up. The last time we saw Mustafa Ali, he was on WWE NXT with a North American championship title match. Soon that dream match was halted due to his untimely release. Now Ali is headed on a World Tour making appearances:

January 12th – Game Changer Wrestling at No Compadre
January 19th – C4 Wrestling at The Reverant
January 28th – Progress Wrestling at Light of the Dragon
February 9th – Defy 7th Anniversary
February 10th – Dream Wave at Run This Town
February 25th – Prestige Wrestling at A Moment of Violence

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Ali has had a lot of ups and downs throughout his entire career. One minute he’ll be on the fast track, the next he’ll be out of sight. Does this bother Ali, yes. After all, he is human. Ali seems to take this all in stride and keeps fighting for breakthroughs. He wants to set an example for his children. Two very young children, who he wants to be able to be who they are without any limitations or discrimination. He wants to break those barriers so that his children wouldn’t have to deal with the struggles that most have to deal with today.

Personally, I haven’t been a fan of Ali for long, but once I saw him in the ring I was hooked. I looked at him as one who gave his heart and soul to what he does. He doesn’t want the spotlight on him, he wants others to shine. This is what I admire about him. He looks beyond what he can do as one person, to bring light to others. As I watched him grow, I decided to create a space for him. A space where we can honor someone who has given so much.

Many don’t realize the sacrifices wrestlers like Ali make. The other day, Ali was on a 3 day SmackDown Live tour and took to instagram to post a message to his daughter. Ali wrote about it being her first day of school and how bummed he was to miss it. I got this message loud and clear. Wrestlers miss birthdays, first steps, big sports games, and most of all first days of school.So for that huge sacrifice, I decided to give a small piece of appreciation to a superhero who doesn’t wear a cape. He doesn’t have super powers or any unearthly ability to change things with the snap of his fingers. What Ali does have is HEART. A heart of gold. A heart of giving. The heart to continue to stand up for what is wrong in the world. Ali uses his platform for the good. The good that exists when there is so much evil in the world.

I decided to create two amazing layouts to showcase the amazing personality of Adeel Alam the person. Mustafa Ali/Ali the character. You can’t make people pay attention or like you for what you do. You can definitely prove to them that all it takes is for one person to take a stand to make a difference. We feel that this person is THE HEART AND SOUL OF SMACKDOWN!

Please check out the brand new main layout and gallery. Special thanks to Viqqi with Paranoid Designs for both layouts. We are blown away and hope you are too!


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