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After 7 months of not having TV time, Mustafa Ali had had enough of being overlooked and disrespected. He wanted to speak up not only for himself but other wrestlers who were treated as untalented superstars. He seemed to have hacked live televised shows and stated that soon a change would come. On the October 5th episode of Monday Night Raw, Mustafa Ali formally revealed himself as the leader of RETRIBUTION. Since Mustafa Ali joined, RETRIBUTION has been on a path of destruction. If anyone in the group fails to get the job done, Ali will definitely give them an ear full. Retribution is surely on their way to conquer all that has been kept from them. From chasing crime to chasing the light, Adeel Alam better known as Ali, has overcome the fights of the street to be a part of the fight in WWE. From his notable beginnings, Ali mentioned not having much and how his father had to constantly work to provide. He said he doesn’t see his story any different than others, but he had humbled beginnings. Not having much, put things in perspective for Ali. He saw how hard his father worked to provide, and picked up the same mantra. Having a family of his own now, Ali sees a lot of himself in his father. He had to step back and realize that his father’s downfall into sickness was due to not stepping back and taking breaks. His father literally worked himself to death. Right before Ali moved up to the main roster, he had a weeklong stay in the hospital due to exhaustion. Having that scare allowed Ali to realize that sometimes it is best to take a step back and appreciate what is in front of you at the moment.

Ali came on the WWE scene in 2016 during The Cruiserweight Classic when a foreign wrestler couldn’t perform due to Visa issues. Although he was eliminated in the first round. He then appeared on the October 26th edition of NXT to enter The Dusty Rhodes Classic with Lince Dirado, but they were eliminated in the first round.

On the December 13th edition of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali made his debut. During his 205 Live days, he feuded with the likes of Buddy Murphy, Hideo Itami and who could forget The Heart vs Soul feud that culminated on the grandest stage at WrestleMania 34. Although he lost, it was still a match to remember.

While on 205 Live, Ali garnered attention from the chairmen Vince McMahon and was then pushed to the main roster on Smackdown Live. Ali made his debut on the December 11th edition of Smackdown Live to confront then WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Later that same night he had a match against him but lost.The following week on SmackDown Live, Ali was confirmed as a full-time SmackDown roster member and teamed with AJ Styles to defeat Daniel Bryan and Andrade “Cien” Almas in a tag team match after Ali pinned Bryan. The following week, He defeated Almas. At the Royal Rumble, Ali competed in the eponymous match, lasting 30 minutes and eliminating Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe before being eliminated by Nia Jax.

After his impressive showing at the Royal Rumble, he was added to the Elimination Chamber match, but was pulled due to an injury. When he returned, he was added to the Championship match at Fastlane but was pinned by Daniel Bryan.

On March 25th, Ali was the first participant for Smackdown Live to be added to the Money In The Bank match. During the match, Ali proved why he deserved to be in that match. He went through two tables and a latter. He was perched at the top of the latter to become Mr. Money in the Bank, but Lesnar shocked the entire WWE Universe and Ali when he made his entry into the match pushing over the latter with Ali on it. Ali didn’t win, but he obtained a lot of support from fans worldwide.

After 15 years in wrestling, Ali has no intention of slowing down or stopping and will continue to Chase The Light with his high flying maneuvers.

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